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Iroquois History and Legends

You are all invited to come, learn and explore the rich history of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee or The Iroquois Confederacy.
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Dec 26, 2016

In 1687 Governor Denonville of New France invaded the Seneca Nation.  His goal was to destroy the Western door of the Haudenosaunee.  Will the Five Nations survive this European onslaught?

Dec 18, 2016

In this instalment of our Legends series we do a Seneca Indian story about the Conifer Trees fight against the Winter Demons. Our second tale is an Onondaga story about Rabbit and Owl.

Nov 28, 2016

This episode covers how Northeastern Native American Peoples used innovative technology in their everyday lives.  We cover longhouses, palisades, canoes, pitch, tanning, snowshoes, trail markers, beds and much more.  As well as... baby bottles.

Nov 17, 2016

In 1675 an argument about lack of payment between a colonist and the Doeg Indians sets a series of events in motion that launches Bacon's Rebellion. In the aftermath the Five Nations will fill the power vacuum and become a great power in the Northeast.

Oct 24, 2016

How on earth did the Swedes end up in North America?  This episode covers the complex diplomacy involving New Sweden, the English colonies, New Netherlands, the Susquehannock, the Lenape and the Five Nations.