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Iroquois History and Legends

You are all invited to come, learn and explore the rich history of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee or The Iroquois Confederacy.
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Nov 29, 2017

Forty-one members of the Oneida Nation traveled to Valley Forge, PA in the Spring of 1778. General George Washington greeted each individual in person and warmly. The warriors went on to assist the Marquis de Lafayette at the Battle of Barren Hill and Polly Cooper an Oneida woman brings her experience as a cook and...

Nov 6, 2017

Following the American-Oneida victory at Fort Stanwix rifts grow deeper within the Six Nations.  Over three-hundred members of the Haudenosaunee gather at Albany for a Conference.  Just as it finishes however word arrives that Burgoyne's British army has crossed the Hudson River at Saratoga.